Posted on 21st December 2016

Tom “K9” Green, a budding MMA star on the rise in the UK, has signed on with EPOK. Currently the featherweight champion in the Fusion Fighting Championship promotion, Green boasts a record of 11-1 with six submission victories to go along with five knockouts.

“It is a massive, massive step for me to get on board with EPOK,” said Green. I’ve had other management before, but they can’t compare to the professionalism of EPOK and how they are running things. And they are passionate as well, and I think you need that around you. Not to mention the fighters they’ve already got on their roster speaks for itself.”

A native of East Grinstead, West Sussex in England, Green competed in athletics from his teens and into his twenties, specializing in the 800 meters. But he sought something that would challenge him in greater detail. The nephew of Dave “Boy” Green, the former boxer, who once fought “Sugar Ray” Leonard for the WBC welterweight title, Green began to train in boxing and left his running days behind him.

Adopting the nickname “K9,” which he admittedly pilfered from Cornelius “K9” Bundrage, a contestant on the TV show “The Contender” in 2006, Green began his boxing career which led to immediate success. He would win the Queensbury Boxing League middleweight title, and his transition to mixed martial arts came soon after.

Since his MMA career began in 2012, Green has tasted defeat only once, and at 5′ 11″ his range, movement, and technical savvy have proven to be a bridge too far for his opponents throughout his current 10-fight winning streak. He credits Floyd Mayweather as a major influence on his fighting style, saying he’s always been “fascinated by his incredible movement and dexterity.” And he takes up his training with Mark Hobbs at Kinetic Fight Academy along with Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, Ricardo da Silva at Nova Forca.

Yes, he’s compiled a fine record thus far, but Green isn’t just interesting in winning. He wants to entertain the fans and unleash his unique style to raise eyebrows and wow the audience. With his hair pulled back in a bun and always sporting a neatly-cropped mustache, “K9” will launch an imaginary energy ball and yell “hadouken” in tribute to the legendary “Street Fighter” video game, whenever he finishes an opponent. His charismatic personality pairs well with his in-cage skills and stardom appears to be right around the corner.

Confidence, of course, isn’t something he lacks either.

“There are a lot of boring fights over here,” said Green, who also has modeling and acting aspirations and has already been featured in various music videos and commercials.

“There are a lot of sluggers or guys that take people down and try to grind them out. There is no real movement behind them or technique. You can put me against anyone in the UK and they are going to get technically schooled. They can be super-fast or super strong, and they go up against me and my technical game and being smart wins me my fights, usually, opposed to just physical attributes.”

With an eye on February for a return date to the cage, and plans on taking on the very best opponents the country has to offer, Green is confident in making an even bigger splash on the UK MMA scene in 2017 and continuing his ascension.

“It’s my time to kind of prove to the people, who think I need a test and I look forward to it.”