Posted on 25th July 2018

Growing up in the great fight state of New Mexico, Andres Quintana knew early on that fighting was his destiny. By 11 he began boxing, and in his teens, he started training in MMA while dabbling in wrestling.

By 16, Quintana was fighting and doing so often, in as many sporting contests as he could get into, regulated or otherwise. The young man was driven with an unordinary discipline and passion.

“When I was younger I figured out that it was what I wanted to do. I love fighting,” he says.

“Every time I would train I thought of the end-game, which was how when I was older I wanted to be a champion, I wanted to do this and that. I think, really, I just didn’t want my name to be forgotten.

“I wanted people around the world to know who I am.”

That same motivation is a big reason the rising featherweight star says he recently signed with EPOK. Quintana had been with other management agencies before, but meeting with EPOK representatives showed him that they shared his vision for himself and his future.

“I was with another management for years before and they’re great people, don’t get me wrong. We just didn’t fit together. They had a different vision of myself and my future than what I believe I can achieve. There were no hard feelings, I just needed something different,” he explains.

“When EPOK presented me their thoughts and ideas about my career, it was what I envisioned for myself, and that was key. In MMA you don’t have a super long career. I’m of course going to give it my all to retire off of my fighting career, but I’ve also got to think about the future and what I’m going to do afterwards in case I can’t retire off of fight winnings. Fighters need to set themselves up for after their careers and that’s a big part of what EPOK has envisioned.

“They’re not just my sports management helping only with MMA responsibilities. They’re helping my life in general, athletic development, commercial prospects, lots of things to help me move forward in my career and afterwards.”

Quintana will take the support and guidance of EPOK, along with the training from his superb team of coaches and teammates to help ready himself for some big challenges ahead. The 27-year-old budding Combate Americas star is hoping to shine in the promotion’s upcoming featherweight tournament, and then hunt for the official promotional 145lbs championship belt afterwards.

With heady goals in and out of the ring, Quintana still has his boyhood vision front and centre. After all, not even gold shines like a legacy.

“To be honest, belts and titles are secondary to me. I don’t have a title yet but everyone knows I’m the best 145-pounder in Combate Americas, easy,” he admits.

“The championships are new challenges, and I want to accomplish them, and I believe I will. But it’s still about making a living, providing for a future, and making sure my name is not forgotten.”

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