Nickname: Dynamite

Born: California, USA

Fighting Out Of: California, USA

Sport: MMA

Promotion: Invicta FC

Division: Strawweight

Record: 11-6-0


2x KOTC Strawweight Champion

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Danielle Taylor trains under Julio Trana at Saekson Muay Thai, alongside fellow EPOK talent and bantamweight prospect, George Garcia. What separates Taylor from most other strawweight fighters is her aspiring career in law enforcement. When she isn’t training, Taylor works for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff.

The California-based fighter began working for the Sheriff’s Department in 2010 and sought to take up training soon after because she wanted to learn self-defence. Taylor started training in boxing, which led to a few amateur boxing fights. She began training in wrestling and also jiu-jitsu, and after struggling to find boxing matches, found her way into mixed martial arts (MMA). Before too long she fought in her first amateur fight, which ultimately paved the way to her newfound love for fighting and competing.

It’s a delicate balance between 48-hour work weeks at Wayside Jail in Los Angeles, California, and plenty of gruelling training sessions as she continues to sharpen her fighting skills, but she lives for the challenge and is determined to succeed in both endeavours.